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Here's some help and advice about childcare
Help and information about childcare
In these pages is advice and help about childcare facilities. Use the links on the left to find out more.
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Advice and Help
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Choosing the best childcare for you and your child

Choosing the best childcare for you and your child is so important in helping you return to work with the confidence that your child is happy, safe and secure in a stimulating environment where the staff have the knowledge, experience and most importantly the right attitude to care for, nurture and respond to your child's needs.

Making the right choice can be a daunting task. Many parents want to make informed choices based on a real understanding of what they are looking at and with a knowledge of how to see beyond the surface to get at the real heart of the nursery or preschool. Taking the time to research and plan will enable you to return to work secure in the knowledge that you have made the right decision. This will not make the inevitable guilt and anxiety go away, but you can at least be confident that you have done your best.

Check out the features below for the latest advice and information. This will equip you with the information you need to shortlist from two or three nurseries from the Preschool directory and then go on to make the most of your visits to each and allow you to chose the best childcare for you and your child Work through the features in order to identify your child's needs, your own needs and then check out the nursery and its inspection report, find the questions to ask and the most important things to look for on your visit to your shortlisted nurseries.

 - Your child's needs
Your needs as a parent
Researching the nursery
What to look for when you visit a nursery or preschool
The right questions to ask
What is good childcare?

Paying for childcare

Buying the best childcare for you and your child is a significant investment in your own career and in your child's health and well being. Childcare fees make a significant dent in any families finances. Read on for Preschool directory's guide to paying for childcare.

 - Childcare Tax Credit
Help for Lone Parents
Student parents - help with paying for childcare

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