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Here's some help and advice about childcare
Help and information about childcare
In these pages is advice and help about childcare facilities. Use the links on the left to find out more.
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Advice and Help
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Your child's needs
10 essential questions about your child

Before you can know what you want from a nursery, it is important to focus on what your child needs. The best childcare for your child, will be different from the best childcare solution for another child. Every child is a unique individual, with different emotional and physical needs, will thrive on different styles and in different environments. Ask yourself these 10 questions to help you define your child's needs and then work out what a childcare provider must offer to ensure his/her well-being.

1. When is your child happiest?

2. What makes your child happy?

3. What makes your child fell good about himself/herself?

4. What makes your child feel anxious or concerned?

5. What helps your child to behave well?

6. What situations does your child find difficult?

7. Does your child prefer bright lively noisy places, or prefer calm peaceful places to explore?

8. Does your child thrive on demands or prefer to go along at his / her own pace?

9. Is your child particularly quiet or shy and need a small calm nursery or is your child particularly lively and demanding, needing lots of challenges and opportunities for boisterous physical play and time outdoors?

10. Will your child respond to set routines or does he/she prefer a more flexible approach?

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