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In these pages is advice and help about childcare facilities. Use the links on the left to find out more.
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The right questions to ask

Having decided which nurseries to visit, it is now important to ask the right questions. Try to get a feel for if the answers to your questions ring true. Ask "for examples" and see beyond the new or crumbling paint to the heart of the nursery. Some questions to ask in determining the quality of what the nursery provides and how well they will care for your child's needs include:

What training do the staff have in childcare and early years education?

How many new staff have you had in the last year?

Can you tell me about the age profile of the staff?

What are the most important things my child will learn here?

What is your view on helping children to behave well?

How does your key worker system work?

How much individual attention will my child get?

How much time will toddlers and older children spend on structured work and how much on free play?

Will my child be watching TV?

What is your policy on sleep times, feeding, weaning, toilet training?

How do you plan your activities for the children and assess the children's progress?

Can I visit the nursery whenever I like?

What will happen if my child is upset when I leave?

How can parents get involved?

How will you meet my child's special needs?

How will the nursery reflect and show respect for the culture or religion of our family?

Listen to the answers carefully and try and relate them to your child's needs. Watch what is happening in the nursery or preschool to see if the children and staff are happy and busy.

What to look for when you visit

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