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What is good childcare?

Everyone will have their own individual view of what makes good childcare. Good childcare can come in many different forms, but it is possible to identify some common elements which make nurseries and preschools able to consistently provide high quality services. Check down Preschool directory's list and think of these when you are looking for the best childcare for your child.

Happy, motivated and enthusiastic staff team

Well qualified and experienced staff kept up to date with regular training

Plenty of individual attention for children and babies

Well maintained, clean, secure and safe buildings

A calm and well organised room

A good balance between structured activities and opportunities for children to play and explore independently

A good variety of carefully planned activities

Strong and effective nursery managers and preschool supervisors

Staff who listen to children and parents and respect the children, parents and each other.

Happy, busy, children who are listened to, respected and provided with a good range of appropriate activities learn well and will generally be happy at nursery and at home.

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