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Childcare Tax Credit

The childcare tax credit provides help for families to pay for registered childcare. All the nurseries and preschools within the Preschool directory are registered. Childcare tax credit is part of working families tax credit and replace family credit. It is administered by employers and the Inland Revenue.

To be eligible for childcare tax credit, parents need to be paying for registered childcare, to be working 16 hours or more a week, and to have gross family earnings of less than £22,000 per year with one child in childcare, or less than £30,000 per year with two or more children in childcare.

Parents can claim up to 70% of their childcare costs, to a maximum of £100 per week for one child, or £150 per week for two children in childcare. The amount you actually receive depends on your family's circumstances and is organises on a sliding scale. If you are earning less than £13,000 per year with one child in childcare, or £17,000 per year with two or more children in childcare, you can receive the maximum amounts of £70 or £105 respectively.

The childcare tax credit is paid to you either as money or is offset against your tax liability, depending on how much income tax you pay. For more information on how to claim working families tax credit and childcare tax credit, visit or to calculate the amount you may be eligible for, go to

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